Learn why a stretch ceiling is the ideal solution for your project

Stretch ceilings are the modern suspended ceiling system which continue to have the advantages of a suspend ceiling but with none of the disadvantages of traditional suspended ceilings. They have a clean, elegant, ‘one piece’ appearance. They have been in use across Europe for over 35 years.

The component parts of a Stretched Ceiling are a specialist perimeter track and a lightweight but highly durable membrane which fixes to the perimeter track. Each membrane is individually manufactured for the room. They can be used in new construction or to replace, cover or lower existing ceilings. The membrane is available in different colours and different finishes (gloss, matt, satin, translucent). Specialist finishes such as for use in hospitals are also available. Printing on the membrane expands and adds another dimension to endless possiblities of use.

Stretch Ceilings do not involve the use of any wet trades (e,g, plastering) and can be installed in existing commercial establishments with minimum disruption to trade.


The resulting ceiling is

  • stylish in appearance
  • custom designed, manufactured and installed
  • low maintenance - no decoration required, do not crack or peel
  • tough and reliable (Inscape Ltd uses only high quality materials with a ten year guarantee)
  • moisture proof, a vapour barrier ideal for swimming pool enviroments.
  • satisfies fire safety and other requirements (CE certification)
  • affordable
  • installed by a professional team,  with over 15 years experience in stretch ceilings.

Stretch Ceilings can be used ..

  • for any private, commercial or public space - from homes to hospitals, retail stores to swimming pools, schools to offices - anywhere where a top class ceiling is required
  • where lighting, ventilation systems and sound systems need to be integrated
  • where disruption during installation must be minimal
  • to create a special atmosphere
  • to “wow” clients and visitors
  • where easy clean dust free surfaces are important

Please note that for Architects and Quantity Surveyors who may require further technical detail on the materials used this is available on request


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