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Stretch Ceilings

In use in Europe for over 35 years Stretched Ceilings are increasingly becoming the ceiling of choice in the UK. They offer clean elegant lines and can either be installed at the time of construction or retro-fitted to cover old unsightly ceilings. Highly affordable, stretch ceilings come in a variety of finishes and colours which don’t crack or peel and satisfy fire safety and other requirements. They have a ten year guarantee.

Inscape Ltd offers a full survey and measure, supply and install solution to your ceiling requirements.

Lighting & Printing

Stretch ceilings and wall coverings can incorporate LED and fibre optic lighting. Together with the use of translucent membranes stunning lighting effects and modes can be created limited only by the extent of your imagination.

Inscape Ltd can arrange for printing upon the membrane of your Stretch Ceiling. This can be used to enhance the overall design and appearance of the ceiling or to incorporate your company logo.

Interior Spaces

Stretch Ceilings, Lighting and Printing have become integral to our core business of enhancing interior spaces ( the ‘inscape”). In addition to these services we can complete all associated tasks to fit out and decorate your interior spaces to a high standard.


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